Scaladin quickstart for Escalante

The first external Escalante contribution is in, and it comes from Risto Yrjänä (@ristoy), who has built a Scaladin quickstart that runs on top of Escalante.

What is Scaladin? Scaladin is a wrapper that makes it easier to use Vaadin Framework with Scala programming language. And Vaadin? Vaadin is a server-side, java web application development framework which uses GWT to generate the UI in the browser. To find out more about check Vaadin/Scaladin FAQ section.

Risto has contributed a Scaladin Hello World quickstart that shows how to build, deploy and run a simple Vaadin component written in Scala showing a welcome message and the current date and time (dynamically generated). Here's a screenshot of quickstart:

The example can be built and deployed using either Maven or JBoss Developer Studio as shown in the quickstart instructions. For more details on this quickstart, other Escalante quickstarts, or how to set up JBoss Developer Studio for Scala, check the dedicated Quickstarts section.

Risto has another juicy example coming up showing off Scaladin's full potential, so watch this space for further news!

Get in touch!

If you have any questions, issues, or other feedback about Escalante, you can find us on #escalante on freenode or our public forums.

For Scaladin/Vaadin related questions, you can with the Vaadin team via chat, or posting a question in their general help forum. Please note that for Vaadin offers commercial support plans and professional services as well.