Escalante 0.2.0 out now with SBT plugin!

We're pleased to announce the second official release of Escalante - version 0.2.0. We consider this release to be beta quality, and lacks some of the features and API stability that will end up in the 1.0.0 release.

What is Escalante?

If this is the first time you've ever heard of Escalante, check out our FAQ section to find out more about Escalante.

What's in this release?

This second release focuses on improving support for Lift web applications within Escalante. These are the highlights:

  • Escalante-optimised Lift applications are now supported in any Lift version (as long as Maven resolution succeeds, see documentation for more info), including latest milestone Lift 2.5-M4 release.

  • The way Lift applications define metadata so that Escalante can resolve Scala/Lift dependencies has changed. Instead of the old WEB-INF/lift.xml archive, Escalante now searches for META-INF/escalante.yml file, which is a much more human readable archive thanks to the use of YAML, and a lot easier to work with from a parsing perspective. For more info, check the documentation.

  • Escalante optimised Lift applications can now select which extra Lift modules to use (i.e. mapper, jpa, record...etc) by defining them in META-INF/escalante.yml, hence reducing burden on permanent space to only those modules needed. To find out more, check the documentation.

  • A SBT plugin fully dedicated to Escalante is now available!! Version 0.1.0 is now available from JBoss Nexus repository. This plugin allows several for Escalante-optimised Lift WAR applications to be created (including generation of META-INF/escalante.yml), and it can deploy these applications to an Escalante instance (embedded, no separate process!) from the SBT console thanks to the escalante-run command. I'd like to personally thank Josh Suereth for the chat we had at Devoxx 2012 that kicked off the development of the SBT plugin, and David Pollak, Lift founder and lead, for motivating me to enable Escalante instances to be started from SBT. Thanks guys!! Check the Escalante SBT Git repo to find out out more about the Escalante SBT plugin.

  • Escalante Quickstarts have now been tagged for version 0.2.0 and the great news is Escalante Quickstarts now have SBT build files as well as the existing Maven files. So, regardless of whether you use SBT or Maven, Escalante's got you covered :). The SBT files are configured with the Escalante SBT plugin, so you can get started with the newly created Escalant SBT plugin right away!

  • A new Escalante Quickstart has been added showcasing interaction of Lift applications with JPA 2.0. Although injection of @PersistenceContext or @PersistenceUnit instances is not yet available, Lift developers wanting to run their JPA applications in Escalante are recommended that they bind the EntityManagerFactory instance to JNDI.

What's next?

This new Escalante version uses a newer base JBoss EAP version than the one you can currently access via OpenShift, so the previous instructions provided to run Escalante in OpenShift might not work as expected. Over the next few weeks we'll be working on getting Escalante 0.2.0 working on OpenShift, hopefully with a dedicated cartdridge.

On top of that, now that Escalante SBT integration is in place, we'll start looking into how to get Play applications run on top of Escalante, as well as carry on developing Escalante Lift integration adding more quickstarts...etc.

Get It

The simplest way to install 0.2.0 is downloading our binary distribution.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions, issues, or other feedback about Escalante, you can find us on #escalante on freenode or our public forums.


If you're interested in anything Escalante related, make sure you follow @escalanteio to find out first :). If you want to make any comments on Twitter, make sure you use the #escalante hash tag.

Back from Devoxx and JUDCon China

Last month has been packed with travel, which included speaking at two fantastic conferences: Devoxx and JUDCon China.

I gave the same "The JBoss Polyglot Revolution - Be Part Of It!" presentation in both conferences where I explained our efforts around running Scala applications on top of JBoss Application Server 7, amongst other polyglot efforts within JBoss. The polyglot talk I gave in Devoxx 2012 is now live in Parleys, so make sure you register if you didn't get the chance to attend, or wanna see it all over again :).

In Devoxx, I also had the chance the meet the Vaadin team which have contributed a couple of Scaladin quickstarts to run on top of Escalante. During the conference the Vaadin team did an informal meetup with Vaadin users and I was able to present Escalante to them, demonstrating the integration between these two technologies. To find out more about Escalante and Scaladin/Vaadin, check these blog posts.

There was a very big Scala presence during Devoxx, including talks from Joshua Suereth with whom I had the chance to speak for a few minutes to brainstorm what Escalante's SBT plugin should look like. I got some very valuable information out of that discussion, which I'm currently putting into practice, so stay tuned ;)

Scala developer presence in JUDCon China was smaller, but my polyglot talk still generated some healthy discussions and debates, particularly with Errai Lead Mike Brock who has some strong opinions about monoglot development.

Enough of conferences and meetings for now. It's time to carry on moving Escalante forward :)

Escalante @ Devoxx 2012

Just arrived in Antwerp, where Devoxx 2012 conference is being held, and I wanted to share some information with the community on the Escalante related events happening in this mamooth, week-long, conference:


Not sure how this is gonna work out, but a couple of very interesting BOFs are happening at the same time: On one side, the Scala Enthousiasts Gathering and in the other, JBoss Polyglot colleague Ben Browning will be talking about Why JRuby and TorqueBox Belong in Your Java Tool Box which is likely to include some discussions around the JBoss Polygloy movement, which Escalante is part of.


I'll be attending the Hackergarten Hands-On Coding Day for which I've selected some Escalante coding tasks to suggest attendeees. Escalante is in its infancy, so there couldn't be a better moment to get involved with the project! :)


I'll be presenting JBoss Polyglot Revolution - Be part of it! session where I'll be speaking not only about Escalante, but also the other initiatives Red Hat/JBoss is working to provide middleware for users writing applications in other languages such as: JRuby (Ruby), Jython (Python)...etc.

Ping me!

If you wanna have a chat about Escalante stuff (i.e. Lift and Play integration, SBT work, quickstart suggestions...etc), get in touch with me via @galderz or @escalanteio twitter accounts and we can arrange a meetup (if there's Belgium beer involved, even better!) :)