Back from Devoxx and JUDCon China

Last month has been packed with travel, which included speaking at two fantastic conferences: Devoxx and JUDCon China.

I gave the same "The JBoss Polyglot Revolution - Be Part Of It!" presentation in both conferences where I explained our efforts around running Scala applications on top of JBoss Application Server 7, amongst other polyglot efforts within JBoss. The polyglot talk I gave in Devoxx 2012 is now live in Parleys, so make sure you register if you didn't get the chance to attend, or wanna see it all over again :).

In Devoxx, I also had the chance the meet the Vaadin team which have contributed a couple of Scaladin quickstarts to run on top of Escalante. During the conference the Vaadin team did an informal meetup with Vaadin users and I was able to present Escalante to them, demonstrating the integration between these two technologies. To find out more about Escalante and Scaladin/Vaadin, check these blog posts.

There was a very big Scala presence during Devoxx, including talks from Joshua Suereth with whom I had the chance to speak for a few minutes to brainstorm what Escalante's SBT plugin should look like. I got some very valuable information out of that discussion, which I'm currently putting into practice, so stay tuned ;)

Scala developer presence in JUDCon China was smaller, but my polyglot talk still generated some healthy discussions and debates, particularly with Errai Lead Mike Brock who has some strong opinions about monoglot development.

Enough of conferences and meetings for now. It's time to carry on moving Escalante forward :)